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Beijing on February 23, according to ESPN reports, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban even recent radio interview recommend that the Los Angeles Lakers their star Kobe Bryant to take the “amnesty” .

“Look at the Lakers’ payroll!, A problem you have to consider if they want to retain Dwight Howard: whether they should Bryant amnesty off?

“Since the start of the season, the Lakers and the Mavericks as the western two traditionally strong teams are underperforming, is currently ranked in the western sections 9 and 11, respectively. Given the Lakers this season, is trapped in the beleaguered state.

Of course, Cuban mentioned that this season the Lakers payroll of more than $ 100 million indeed worth pondering. If this summer they renew Howard, next season’s payroll is estimated also in this range. However, in the new collective bargaining agreement, the calculation method of the luxury tax will be a significant change. If the amount of the salary of the Lakers is more than Union for $ 30 million, then they need to be delivered up to $ 85 million luxury tax.

The next season, Bryant’s salary will be $ 30,450,000, he is the highest in the league. Of course, this will also be the final year of his contract.

It comes to risk to avoid the luxury tax, Cuban should have lots of experience. Although Nowitzki ‘s annual salary is more than $ 20 million, but over the past two seasons, the Mavericks were avoid the delivery of the luxury tax, because, after winning in 2011, Cuban started to clear cap space, at last Tyson Chandler and other key players have left the band. Maybe someone will challenge Mark Cuban: you persuade Lakers amnesty Bryant, you will amnesty Dirk Nowitzki?”I definitely will not do it! Dirk and I trust each other for many years. Maybe I do have some selfish, but this is the fact.” He then said, “So I just made the assumption I suggest Lakers amnesty Kobe , but I think they certainly would not do that, but, in time, the Lakers have to make some choices for such a big club like itself, and the Knicks will encounter the same problems.


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